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Mersi - Acid Time
Mersi - Acid Time

Mersi – Acid Time | Funky Headbanger

Mersi (aka Marcel Marek) is an EDM producer and artist from the Czech Republic. He has been involved with music from the ripe age of 6! Having started out on the piano and then percussions, it is almost as if his life was always headed for EDM. He has performed as a part of various projects and groups, currently in Děda Mládek Illegal Band. Much like many others during the pandemic, Marcel turned towards his own music and started producing which gave birth to Mersi.

His latest single, Acid Time comes as a brilliant club track. The track makes use of plenty of percussive elements while also playing a funky melody. Mersi has expressed interest in exploring the Funk side of electronic music. I can tell you that he really brings the funk with his incredible bass lines, funky rhythms and beautiful horns. Acid Time is a track that you’d expect to hear at a music festival or in the club. Moreover, it’s the kind of track that will have everyone on the dancefloor. Some of the vocal samples remind me of Daft Punk and the beat has me headbanging to the track as I write this article. This is, certainly, a track for the people and will definitely have you grooving to it.

Mersi has plenty of other tracks as a part of his discography. I highly suggest saving his music for the pregame or the afterparty. There are a vast number of tracks to choose from that will get everyone vibing.

Be sure to add Acid Time to your playlists today!

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