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Lil Zib – Lost (Ft.- Theisy) | Lyrical Fiesta

Lil Zib is a 24 year-old hip-hop writer and producer who’s real name is Zach Trybula. He has recently made quite an impact in the Chicago Metropolitan Area on the Hip-Hop culture. drawing inspirations from the likes of Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, Trybula, Lil Zib has discovered his own different style which will surely blow your minds. His tracks are highly relatable for the masses and dig deep into the complex emotions of a living being. Trybula is known as ‘Lil Zib’ on many streaming platforms and has released 30+ tracks since he began creating music in 2015.

Lil Zib recently released his new single called ‘Lost’ which is going to bind your mind and make your heart skip several beats. The track is strong both structurally and lyrically. The melodic vocals caresses my heart making me weak in my knees while the deep lyrics connect as if was written just for me. The track is full of surprising elements that add flavor to the track.

He has done a splendid job in writing the track ‘Lost’ which is deep yet easy to understand for the masses. The melodic flows just blow my mind every time I listen to the track. This is a track that every music lover should listen to. This track can easily make it to the top 10 of my personal hip-hop playlist. The music is as deep as the lyrics go and beautifully compliment the lyrics making this track one of the best composition I’ve heard in a while.

Listen to ‘Lost’ by Lil Zib-

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