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Sly Spitta-Rose UP
Sly Spitta-Rose UP
Sly Spitta-Rose UP

Sly Spitta-Rose UP | Don’t buy your place, earn it

Sly Spitta hits us from the streets of Brooklyn. An avid fan of hip-hop, he now aims to take part in the game. Not as a pawn, but the row behind. Rose UP is his double album from 2021, a vivid concept of sorts, with thoughts, intros and lyrical extravaganza like you’ve never heard before. Let’s see what he has to offer.

Rose UP marks the colorful imagery of what Sly Spitta commits to. Using impressive background melodies, he layers the instrumentals but never compromises on the vocals. Like the intensity and vigor of Lamar, his words are crystal clear, interference is only in the background. He makes sure his message is heard and we all know he’s speaking from the truth.

Tracks like Much More and Habits and Consequences are contrasts. In terms of musicianship, arrangement and message, Sly Spitta guarantees that the time you’ve spent listening to him is an investment. I had the opportunity of asking him a few questions about this album. Follow it here:

Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Mos. Countless other Brooklyn rappers have defined the global hip-hop scene. How have they inspired your approach to this art form?

Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def are masters of their craft. As a creative from Brooklyn, their art inspires me to constantly push new barriers, walk in my truth, connect with my audience and never take my foot off the gas, regardless of driving slow. You write your own story. 

Clasping his own fate in his hands, Sly Spitta is not one to rest. AM-PM shows that the hustle pays off, and you’ve got to keep the ball rolling for momentum. Not allowing the thoughts to stale is the key, and for a creative like Sly, this is an opportunity like no other. His album is not only his introduction, but an immediate anthology for all to have a glimpse of a master forming the ways of his craft.

Painting pictures with poetry

As your debut, this album will be known as your ID. What does recording this mean to you?

Debut album is a BIG deal! I’m proud of me. Rose UP, This album represents GROWTH. Recording this project, I wanted to make sure I left no stones unturned. Storytelling, emotion, substance, love, and tons of game. You’re getting my story in the most authentic way possible. 

You want virtue? Look into his mind with tracks like Patience. Like his stepping stone in time, he makes sure his track reflects what he was going through. A struggle is told, a glory is boasted about and pride in his art is constant. Its not just Sly’s lyrics that carry the weight of his tracks, but see Aspire if you want A Tribe Like Quest backgrounds. Worked on and polished to a certain extent of perfection, only the best is put out for you from Sly Spitta.

With 20 songs, this is more than a double album. Is there a concept you’re trying with your first album?

I didn’t go into the creative process thinking about 20 songs. No musical journey is the same for me. I started with a blank canvas, and went with what felt right throughout the process. The conceptual aspect came along as I was about 40% into It. The next project could be 13 songs, as long as the story is told properly. 

A storyteller’s chapter

As a raconteur, this artist makes sure he has an outline for what he’s doing after he’s dug in. With a unique approach to songwriting and music making in general, it is never easy to try something new. Yet, he keeps it fresh with tracks like Ride 4 Me and a favorite, License to Kill. He’s manifested the best of his thoughts.

What tracks did you really love the recording/writing process of? Did you have any special collaborations?

The recording process in general was a great experience. Shoutout to my engineer Ike for his creative input. $hot Clock, AM-PM, License to Kill are some of my favorite tracks on the album. While recording $hot Clock, I was around great energy, which transferred onto the track. AM-PM was a great learning experience as an artist.

I was able to develop a new cadence while recording. That allowed me to discover more of myself as an artist. License to Kill is one of my favorite songs on the album, along with the first song written for the album. I’m a big fan of the production, flow, emotion and message. Much love to my bro Skulli, producer of all those songs. 

What chip on your shoulder did the pandemic give you apart from perspective, as an artist?

The pandemic created a huge shift that I’m thankful for. There’s no ceilings when It comes to creating. There’s constantly new levels when dealing with self. You can always push barriers and dig deeper no matter how far you’ve already gone. That’s what the last song on my album represents. OT, OT, if you’re looking for me. There’s still more work to be done. 

That’s his ethic, and his music. With an aggressive ploy to get his music out, Sly Spitta creates a manifesto to enjoy. It has great backgrounds, solid beats and his lyrics never turn lazy. This is him preparing after overtime. When you visit the court after the lights are out, you bet you’ll find him practicing.

Listen to his solid jump start here:

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