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OLEN – Smoke (Original Mix) | Circle of Excitement

OLEN, a music producer, just released a new tune called “Smoke.” The tune provides the appropriate level of emphasis to get us into the groove right away. It immediately got into my nerves as soon as I started playing the piece. I admired how OLEN created the track’s whole arc. The layers gradually build up, drawing all of our brains and hearts into the space. The track’s house, trance, and psychedelic avatars all work wonderfully together. For me, the atmosphere is the component that will have the most influence on the listeners. Simply play the song loudly and we will go along the track in a matter of seconds. It progressively becomes more appealing.

In terms of the production components, I really liked the baseline; it was extremely powerful and smooth, and the kick kept the pulse going. The groove feels very complete, and it’s also effectively blended among the elements. The track’s outstanding and massive quality comes from finding the right balance. The arpeggiated synth has a strong hold on us. That’s when we’re intimately engaged in the trance state. The tune also has wonderful crescendos, which add tremendous dynamics to the passages, resulting in a fantastic experience that keeps the audience engaged as the track progresses. I was totally into the beat. It’s a perfect match with the other percussive features. Listeners would immediately dive into the track once they discovered it.

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