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Sonic Winter | Take my hand | Mind Bender | Rock | electronica
Sonic Winter | Take my hand | Mind Bender | Rock | electronica

Sonic Winter – Take My Hand | Mind-Bender

Psychedelic music leaves the listener lost in thought rather than up and about dancing. It’s a weird balance that Sonic Winter brings to this genre. You can get up and wave your hands but, in your head, there is a battle raging. Music that makes you wonder! Music that makes you ponder! Not the kind that is just artificial render. Sonic Winter are modern-day mind-benders. Masters of a craft forgotten for generations but now brought back to life through their music.

Sonic Winter was originally formed in 2012 by a French duo comprising of guitarist Jean-Marc Milliere and keyboardist Francis Girola. They tend to collaborate with other musicians for most of their releases. Eccentric modern day mind benders who create music that just tilts your perception. Wielders of a powerful style of music that is psychedelic yet mainstream entertaining. I would like to call it subtly psychedelic. Its like a fusion of a lot of genres – hip hop, electronica, rock, blue and even a bit of soul. They also visually manifest their work through renowned visual artists that just bring their music to life.

Take my Hand is a masterpiece that is an embodiment of their mind-bending skills. It starts off with a simple drum introduction that puts the listener into a general hip hot vibe. The drums have a tribal feel to them at the same time. Slowly the track has some random echo effects on the voice (like reggae) and some ear candy that just pops between speakers. This is before the chorus comes in. The chorus is amazingly catchy and ethereal. Its like a bridge between two parts of a song, because right after the chorus the song rises up in tempo with some rock elements like a raging guitar join the mix.

The chorus is used throughout as a element of transition that marks a milestone in the track, signaling change after it plays. Really nice touch and the mix is just beautiful. Everything is exactly right where it needs to be. My personal favorite is the female voice in the background behind the chorus that plays after the three-minute mark. Simple mind bending and genre bending.

Check out this masterpiece from Sonic Winter!

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