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J.Juice – Lingo | Blasting Power 

Lingo,’ recent single by J.Juice, a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina would undoubtedly fuel our day. With such deadly rhythms and powerful delivery, the music is genuinely good. The writing is extremely fluid and moves between verses with ease. If you simply need a little pick-me-up, this incredibly high-spirited music is a great way to start the day. The energy level remains constant throughout, which is very incredible. It takes a lot of work and zeal to keep the show going. The single had such fantastic beats to love from the beginning, and it had me fascinated as soon as the verses began. This would undoubtedly improve our mood and be an incredible thrill as we groove to it.

The track’s production is really rich and has the appropriate amount of excitement to drive listeners. The track’s powerful tight rhythms and enticing synthetic tones will keep us all interested. The synth loop, which runs throughout the music, was one of my favourites. His vocal delivery was one part that was critical to have the energy in place, and J.Juice completely nailed it. This track becomes really easy to follow and pleasant with the right attitude and so much clarity in the delivery. The chorus is where we would find ourselves responding. I am confident that the track’s high intensity will enthral listeners and keep us all focused on the beats.

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