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monterey j - before the house burns down
monterey j - before the house burns down

Funky Fusion Alert: Monterey J Drops ‘Before The House Burns Down’

Meet Monterey J, who is a skilled South London musician and producer. His music is a blend of funk, hip-hop beats, and jazz. Monterey J’s meticulous attention to detail results in flawless production quality and an extremely incredible sound. Feel the addictive rhythms, enjoy the urban energy, and sink into the soulful harmonies that contribute to what makes Monterey J’s music unique.

“Before The House Burns Down,” his most recent release, is an amazing musical gem that hooks you in no time. With its funky vibes, it perfectly captures the essence of disco, taking you back to a bygone era. The infectious drum beats invite you to celebrate, while the synth work is exudes carefree energy! It’s reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s legendary songs.

“Before The House Burns Down” by Monterey J effortlessly made me smile from ear to ear while I swayed to the rhythm. Throughout the song, there is a strong sense of appreciating life’s simplicity and enjoying every beautiful moment. The saxophone part towards the end of the song is honestly mind-blowing in its grandeur and provides the ideal finale with its immaculate musicianship. It enhances the whole listening experience, leaving a lingering tune in your ears even after the song has ended. I could not believe the song is over 5 minutes as the composition is so brilliant that time passed by in a blink of an eye. Highly recommended!

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We had an opportunity to talk to Monterey J about his new single and beyond. Read on to know more.

Q: Greetings, Monterey J! First of all, let me congratulate you on the release of your latest single, “Before The House Burns Down.” The song is undeniably funky and incredibly catchy. The groovy vibes are simply infectious! Can you share with us if creating a track with such vibes was always your vision, or did it evolve during the creative process?

A: Thank you! The vibes were definitely there from the start. With some songs, you can almost hear the final product from the moment you begin the writing process and this was one of them, probably because the references I had in mind were so clear. I remember I was jamming to Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”, I played a couple of chords wrong and this song just popped out.

Q: The instrumentation in “Before The House Burns Down“ is absolutely mind-blowing! Every moment is a delightful surprise, with surprising elements ranging from jazzy vibes to retro R&B feels. When it came to arranging the music, what was the most unconventional or unexpected element that you incorporated?

A: The bridge definitely creates some disruption with the more classic-sounding verses and choruses. I remember thinking I wanted the drums to switch to a slow trappy beat to create some contrast. Then the drum solo in the outro. I’ve already had some people questioning that choice which in a way makes me think I’ve done the right thing. It was a very spontaneous decision to just insert these unhinged, almost dissonant drum hits that symbolically rip that pristine funk sound of the verses apart as the song ends. 

Q: The instrumentation in “Before The House Burns Down“ is absolutely mind-blowing! Every moment is a delightful surprise, with surprising elements ranging from jazzy vibes to retro R&B feels. When it came to arranging the music, what was the most unconventional or unexpected element that you incorporated?

A: That is Dan McConkey, a brilliant tenor saxophone player from London that I had the pleasure to meet when I was playing shows with my previous band. The idea for it came quite late actually, the track was already mixed without it until I just randomly felt the need for a horn section to add to the chaos of the drums. I sent Dan the track and only asked him to keep it jazzy, powerful, and intense. 

Q: Was the entire project solely created by you as a one-man army, or was there any collaboration involved?

A: I wrote and recorded a full pre-production of the song by myself but I knew I needed someone to help me take it to that next level. I immediately thought of my friend Emanuele Nazzaro who is the best bass player I know and who also has a deep love for funk and soul music. He ended up co-producing the song and laying out those groovy bass lines that drive the track. I am so grateful to have worked with him because I really believe that nobody else could have done it like he did.

Q: Could you shed light on who or what has been your greatest influence while crafting music? Are there any specific individuals or experiences that have significantly impacted your creative journey?

A: On the top of my head I’d say Prince and J Dilla. Prince had a unique way of injecting raw emotions into these awesome grooves and rhythms that get stuck in your head; also his one-man-band attitude is something that somewhat reflects my own songwriting process. Dilla is my mantra when it comes to calculated mistakes. He was a genius at sounding sloppy, careless, or even just wrong exactly where he wanted to, if I can keep that deeply human aspect in my music I’ll consider myself successful. 

Q: What led you to pursue a career in the music industry? Was it always your plan?

A: It was always a hunch. I moved to London knowing I wanted to make music but I had never written a song before. Three months later I had recorded an EP so I guess being delusional helps. The rest came organically. 

Q: What’s from Monterey next?

A: Lately I’ve been busy and I’m so grateful for it. I am collaborating with lots of super talented artists from London which is helping me develop my voice as a producer. One of these tracks should be coming out next month. Also, I have finally finished my first solo album (which will include Before The House Burns Down) so now all I have to do is plan a release date.

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Enjoy listening to “Before The House Burns Down” by Monterey J here.

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