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Stoop Pigeon’s Quiet City
Stoop Pigeon’s Quiet City
Stoop Pigeon - Quiet City

US-Based Modern Jazz Trio Stoop Pigeon’s Quiet City Offers Way More Than What One Can Expect From a Debut EP

There are times in life when all we want to do is to sit in peace with some soulful instrumental album tuned in while sipping on our favorite drink. Such times are very quiet and personal during which one enjoys the music with a deeper connection and the feeling is nothing but a satisfying calmness in the mind which helps to wear off all the stress. So if you wish to enjoy a similar experience, grab your favorite drink and listen to the latest debut EP of Stoop Pigeon, Quiet City.

Stoop Pigeon is a trio comprising three musician friends, Dan Saulpaugh on the guitars, drummer Alejandro Luna, and Jonathan Toscano on bass duties. The three members are friends from the time of studying Jazz music together at the City College of New York and surprisingly they even share some notable musical influences such as Ahmad Jamal, Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, as well as Bob Dylan. Besides their shared likes, the individual influences of these three musicians also come together in their latest debut EP, Quiet City.

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A vast sonic exploration through intense, calming music!

Stoop Pigeon’s Quiet City is one highly impressive debut EP and it is not only about the fact that the compositions are brilliant but also if this happens to be their first EP, one can only imagine the greatness that is still to come from these amazing musicians.

The recording of the twenty-four minutes, seventeen seconds long EP has taken place in the home studio of drummer Alejandro Luna, and while he is responsible for the engineering and mixing, the credits for the production and mastering go to guitar player Dan Saulpaugh.

All the four songs of Quiet City portray the vast creative horizon of Jazz and the blend of the traditional as well as modern elements of the genre is soul satisfying to the core. The songs of this EP reward the listeners with calming, melancholic yet happy vibes all together, and even though the intricacies of Jazz are heavily present throughout the compositions but one does not have to be a dedicated Jazz listener in order to enjoy this EP. The music in itself is so soothing that anyone who wishes to spend some time listening to good music will instantly fall in love with this EP.

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So, are you excited to check out Stoop Pigeon’s latest debut EP Quiet City? If so, then go ahead and give a listen to the songs here:

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