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Charlotte Ooi – Never Know | Mellow

Artists often use music as a means to channel their emotions and express themselves freely. Their songs become more powerful and striking the more honest and heartfelt their stories are. London-based singer-songwriter/producer Charlotte Ooi is one of those artists. Through her music, she hopes to inspire people to embrace their emotions and understand them better. Her debut single ‘Never Know’ conveys a motivational narrative that’s both hard-hitting and relatable – a track you definitely want on your playlists!

I usually shake things off and carry on about my day / But as the late-night falls it’s harder in every way” – Charlotte‘s intimate vocals take centre stage and are accompanied by a melancholic acoustic guitar progression. She shares an empowering message through her lyrics that explore a journey of self-confidence. Reminiscent of pop singers like Adele and Billie Eilish, Charlotte delivers a very emotive performance with seamless vocal runs and a strong tone, especially in the choruses.

With its deep 808 beat and a soft kick, the classic R&B beat of ‘Never Know’ is complemented by reverb-drenched guitars and harmonies. It has a spacious atmosphere with a lot of warm sonic content – a soothing track that’s easy on the ears. Additionally, the dynamic and clean mix makes Charlotte’s voice shine through extravagantly. A top-notch production!

For those of you into the mellow bedroom pop/R&B vibe, I’d say Charlotte is one artist to keep an ear out for! Her debut track showcases her emotive songwriting and effortless singing excellently and I can’t wait to hear more!

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