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Kristian Phillip Valentino – Wind, Hail, and Snow | Lovelock

The new song “Wind, Hail, and Snow” by Kristian Phillip Valentino is incredible. Everything we listen to has a lot of passion and peacefulness from the beginning. The context and circumstances in the story line are so nicely described, and the honesty and genuineness in the feeling are so well conveyed. Furthermore, he graciously sang the song, which left such an indelible effect on our mind as we listened to it. The melancholy with which the song is played so brilliantly reveals the colour of the relationship, resulting in a powerfully built atmosphere. The song is incredibly well written, and there is a great deal of clarity, which makes everything seem very in tune and unified.

The tone is set so effectively by the production as well. The most important decision was picking the proper tempo, which they nailed. The music also contains the necessary directions and dynamics to make the voyage go smoothly. The warmth is maintained really effectively, with the piano keeping the tempo flowing and the vinyl sounds setting the tone well. In addition, the reverbs and delay generated a lot of space, which helped to lift the atmosphere. The guitar lines provided much-needed brightness to the song’s spectrum, making it seem so complete. We only need to go with the flow of the music, and the writing will take care of the rest, ensuring a stress-free night.

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