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Pearls – Roxercat | Relaxed Rock

A rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Roxercat are an up-and-coming force in the alternative rock scene, having put out their sophomore release, “Pearls”. A relaxed rock album with elements of country and old-school rock and roll, keep reading for what else makes this album special.

It is not often that I hear a female vocalist fronting a classic rock project, having been a male-dominated genre for such a long, and this was a refreshing change for me, as I listened to Price Jones deliver the vocals with effortless candour, with the harmonies adding a layer of depth and appreciable complexity to the song that I quite came to appreciate. The guitar parts stand out as pleasant and complement the vocals and the bass player as well.

The atmosphere throughout struck me as rather relaxed and pleasing on the ears, with enough energy in the high parts of the song striking just right the right chord in me. The production is excellently staged, with the wafty guitar riffs in the background making my head bob and wave to the rhythm, especially on the songs “Baby I Tried” and “Today I Changed”.

“Crime” starts out with a rather jazzy/bluesy introduction, with the clavinet making a rather strong appearance here, as it settles into a nice uptempo number that reminds me of a bustling New York City morning, the perfect soundtrack to a day filled with energy.

The mixes, as I always take time to talk about, are rather well done, managing to tame the spectrum and making it sound smooth, and balanced and retain enough detail for one to truly appreciate the nuances of the overdriven guitar, as well as the gentle vocals that come with them.

The album closes out with “2020”, a nearly six-and-a-half outro to this banger of an album, with great energy throughout, and a great mix of harmonies, scales and melodies that turned it into a great curtain call to this album.

With “Pearls”, Roxercat are on to a winner here, and it is well and thoughtfully executed with every second I spent listening to this song. Check out “Pearls” by Roxercat here!

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