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Terry Blade-Won't Be Around
Terry Blade-Won't Be Around
Terry Blade-Won't Be Around

Terry Blade-Won’t Be Around | Keep on steppin’

A feeling of foreboding is carried through the voice of Terry Blade. Like B.B King or Conway Twitty, it demands attention, and holds the silence. A natural storyteller, he shifts from edge to edge, with the gravitas and panache of an eyewitness, who also sings. You can feel the temperature change when you hear him sing, this is Won’t Be Around. 

Terry Blade has had massive success with his tracks, like Brooms & Mops and Railroad Tracks. A highlight in his voice and the way he executes his music, there’s no doubt this will become his next big hit. The slow blues-country riff gives a walking pace to this song, immediately kicking on the spotlight. You’re visualized on a dusty trail, nowhere being your home. Terry Blade is able to paint a picture without having any modal medium. He sustains bends, modulates on words to become the natural storyteller he is. With a trifecta of elements, just his voice, the acoustic and basic percussion-he creates textures not experienced in a while. 

This is one man who won’t rest. A recipient of more than 50 awards, he has different genres under his belt and even a spoken word album. This is something he won an award for. With his lyrics in Won’t Be Around, you can probably figure he can sway a room. Carrying a treasure trove of spoils, you can watch out for him, making your next favourite theme track. There is a dramatic finesse to his work that isn’t popularly found. What will you do when he won’t be around? Listen to his superb song here:

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