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Vishal Naidu & Dan Caine-Catharsis
Vishal Naidu & Dan Caine-Catharsis
Vishal Naidu & Dan Caine-Catharsis

Vishal Naidu & Dan Caine-Catharsis | A soul search

Vishal Naidu has taken people through spiritual journeys with his instrumentals. He is always trying to push the envelope, and it never seems enough. With each collaboration and chapter comes a different, evolved sound. Dan Caine is a post-rock guitarist who creates dense atmospheres through layering and superb production. Dan & Vishal put their hearts and sound together for this latest single, Catharsis. This is a tale of rebirth while in limbo.

So Vishal, till Fragments of Serenity, you have found a growing, detailed dark neo-folk sound. What is the tone you are searching for next?

V: I think I’m going for the dark neo-folk song for the next album as well, though there may be elements which sound more positive yet melancholic. I have a feeling the new album is going to be much more progressive. 

Vishal & Dan, where does the balance lie, for each of you? Is it in the flow of the background, or how the lead plays with the background?

D: The current that runs through the song from the beginning to the end is my electric guitar part. Vishal added the acoustic parts, which were more immediate and contrasted nicely with my dreamy guitar. Where the two guitars really connect and talk to one another is in the call and response segments of the song. We both added additional elements and layers too. Vishal’s addition of the Cello really pushed the climax of the song to a new level.

As the curtain parts, you hear the evident search for tone coming to an end. The output is exactly where it should be, the notes having the reverb and flow of a track composed beyond space and time constructs. The liquid notes flow to create a haunting background as a calming, soothing lead channels the energy and creates tributaries. The introduction of the strings is the hair-raising effect this composition required, hiding beneath it the secret of the underlying emotion. As we break away into realization, the meditation slows down to leave the door open to an imaginative outro of the train of thought that follows.

Dan & Vishal, what is this collaboration bringing to the table. Any approach to songwriting you have found that we can hear?

D: Catharsis is a song by two artists with different styles that really feed off each other and create something fresh. We are both story tellers and have woven a new story that took me to a place that is different to where I would normally go.

V: As Dan mentioned very well, it’s a combination of two different journeys leading to a completely different destination which we’ve never been to before – because of the combination of styles. 

For Dan- What is Catharsis trying to narrate, as a tale? 

D: I think Catharsis is about a personal journey – one that involves struggle and a time of great difficulty, followed by a release from that, and a feeling of relief.  It’s really about strength, as in order to get to the peaceful place, you first had to deal with and overcome the struggle.  It can be interpreted in different ways, but that is the main feeling behind it.

Any challenges you faced for in mixing and mastering, owing to the number of layers this would produce?

D: Most of my music involves a lot of different layers – mostly electric guitar, so I’m used to that. However, I actually found it easier to mix this one. When working with multiple electric guitar layers, it can be easy for the sound to become muddy, and I have to find ways to make each guitar layer distinguishable from the others. But with a more present sound in there – i.e. Vishal’s acoustic guitar – this was less of a problem.

 Dan, what lies ahead for you after this project? Do you see yourself collaborating with Vishal more often?

D: I have about nine songs recorded for a new album, so I’ll be working on that for a while. I’m really excited about them. I’d love to work with Vishal again and see what we can come up with next. This is just the beginning…

Narratives spread out to new horizons with Dan Caine & his incredible contribution. The textural elements are clearly sophisticated, yet masterfully simple in execution. Where Vishal would choose certain elements by force of habit, Dan Caine brings his expertise to create a crystal ball capable of another form of healing. The single collaboration might show them like never before. When the tapestry is laid out, it is almost overwhelming, due to the emotion associated!

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