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Bineal Roy – Maybe | Compelling Fuse

Bineal Roy, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has released his first track ‘Maybe,’ which has a really intriguing blend of Pop melodies with mild RnB shades. The guitar solo, which is my personal favourite part of the song, is sure to grab the curiosity of music fans. The songwriting has a much more fluid flow. The words are appropriately spaced apart, allowing listeners to rapidly get into the spirit of the song. The atmosphere is maintained lighthearted and lively. Even the vocal performance has the correct approach, which perfectly suits the ambiance created by the instruments. The mood is incredibly relaxed, which will undoubtedly entice listeners to get into the groove. We’d be persuaded to move along by the vibe.

As previously said, the guitar sections are the driving force behind the song, and they are what keep the song’s pulse going. With such fluid transitions and groove patterns, even the drums and bass kept the atmosphere alive. The E. Piano provides warmth to the arrangements, making them feel more complete. When it comes to the vocals, they are superb. The usage of falsetto, which is very lovely to listen to, captivated me. In the chorus, the harmonies blend together flawlessly, making the portion feel so complete. Overall, the structure is really fluid and has a lot of intriguing features. The solo enters the scene wonderfully and seamlessly transitions to the major chorus. Listeners would just play the music over and over again.

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