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Joshua Ketchmark's Crossbone
Joshua Ketchmark's Crossbone
Joshua Ketchmark - Crossbone

Joshua Ketchmark’s Crossbone Is a Song That Will Instantly Bring Out Your Emotional Personality

When you listen to songs whose lyrics feel nothing short of an honest confession of real-life incidents, the listening session feels more than special. Crossbone, Joshua Ketchmark’s song from his 2022 album Blood, will undoubtedly make you experience a similar feeling when you listen to it. Born in southern Chicago, the United States of America, Joshua is a prolific singer-songwriter and music composer who boasts an endless list of influences ranging from The Beatles, Queen, Prince, Tom Petty, and The Heartbreakers, and numerous more bands and artists.

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A song that speaks of real-life emotions!

The album Blood by Joshua Ketchmark comprises twelve songs, out of which Crossbone is one of the most soul-satisfying tracks that you will perhaps end up playing on a loop. The steady acoustic rhythm guitar with the aesthetically pleasing sonic colors that the occasional electric guitar, piano, and organ lines add to the song takes this track to a whole new level. To say the least, Crossbone is a song that will mesmerize you every time you listen to it, regardless of the number of times. Another reason this song is so beautiful is because lyrically, it captures the real-life emotions that we as listeners have all been through somehow in our lives.

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So, if you are a keen music listener whose love for music also lies on lyrical brilliance, Joshua Ketchmark’s Crossbone is the song that you must give a generous listen to. You can rest assured that you will instantly fall in love with the song in just a few minutes into it. Listen to this beautiful track here:

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