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de antiquis et novis - falling stars
de antiquis et novis - falling stars

Falling Stars: Immersive Chillout House Music by De Antiquis Et Novis

Matthias Schorer, also known as De Antiquis Et Novis, is an artist based in Munich. He is deeply fascinated by the intricate nature of spacetime. Through his music, De Antiquis Et Novis explores glitchy electronica, creating ethereal and immersive experiences for his fans. The intention behind his compositions is to evoke a tranquil ambiance while instilling a longing for something unattainable. His music offers an escape from reality, where the present moment is all that matters in the listener’s day-to-day life.

De Antiquis Et Novis has made a triumphant return, gracing us with their latest musical masterpiece titled “Falling Stars.” As an ardent admirer of De Antiquis Et Novis’ body of work, I have been consistently enthralled by their artistic prowess, and this new single has only served to further captivate my senses. The composition takes flight with an exquisite infusion of groovy tunes and entrancing keystrokes, instantly hooking the listener. To add an extra touch of allure, delicate hints of feminine vocals are sprinkled intermittently, gradually building up to a resounding crescendo of melodic brilliance.

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This dance track possesses a unique charm, seamlessly blending retro qualities with modern elements, resulting in an even more addictive auditory experience. The infusion of piano chords, accompanied by glistening synthesizers, is too good. The amalgamation of these elements creates an uplifting atmosphere that is bound to ignite any gathering with an unforgettable spark. Allow yourself to get carried away with the irresistible allure of this chillout house music, a sonic oasis that encourages you to let loose and revel in the pure joy of its melody. De Antiquis Et Novis has once again delivered a masterpiece that is bound to become an instant classic.

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Enjoy listening to Falling Stars here.

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