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Music Forge-Extraordinary
Music Forge-Extraordinary
Music Forge-Extraordinary

Music Forge makes hair-raising cinematic sound with his album, “Extraordinary”

Music Forge is a wizard with a cinematic vision. His music creates scenarios, of fantasy, lore and adventure. Emotions flow in and out with creative tributaries, forging something magical, as his name suggests. With his latest album, he dives into a world of fiction to create a diamond. This is his newest release, Extraordinary.

In a way, he foreshadows what he has created. Hope in the Dark opens this album, in a way, bringing premonition to the beautiful gates of a new world that will open up. Harmonics will usher in goosebumps, while the strings create a sense of expedition. Dawn Shall Break uses a sombre, softer palette to colour the canvas. The piano is under the spotlight here, duelling with the strings. Guitar notes cut through, sharp, while complementing the melody that controls the visual. It is a dramatic continuation of moments all stitched together brilliantly by Music Forge.

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Forging a new world

Anima prepares you for an emotional journey, a path that is full of hope and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Preparing you for the gorgeous optics and figments of your imagination, you can almost imagine something like LOTR being serenaded by this album. Francesca Federico teams with Music Forge to make Fairy Creek. The strings have a narrators’ role, guiding you through the story that dominates the song. I’ll Show You The City is another dive into wanderlust-an overview that deals with energy and zeal. Uncovering an enigma. Run for Your Life has a thrillers bones, the meat in the suspense and riding adrenaline. Dragon Fire is the antagonist aural exploration. By the time you reach the title track, which closes the album, you’ve experienced a movie. It is an epic, from the start to the finish, that encapsulates the whole voyage into something worth receiving. 

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Music Forge has made incredible waves with Folk of Fantasy, Pelayo among others. His cinematic touch is something very few people can craft so masterfully. Listen to his album here and follow him for more enigmatic, explorative audio!:

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