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The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra – Solstices| Sonic Feast

The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra is a collective of electro musicians federated by WebRadio Radio Equinoxe and the associative label CosmXPloreR. The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra, after several compilations, brought together titles created by fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, and the dedicated WebRadio was seduced by the concept proposed by the artists Marboss and AstroVoyager: to create an album of music composed “in the style of” Jean-Michel Jarre to pay homage to the artist’s first cult creations (between electronica and synth-wave). Dozens of artists responded to WebRadio’s call by sending in their compositions. There followed a meticulous work of selecting and assembling the titles to create a continuous and homogeneous electronic music album in the spirit of the founding albums of Jean-Michel Jarre such as Oxygène.

Now, they have released a new album called ‘Solstices.’ The album consists of 16 songs. Yes! 16 amazing and captivating songs!  Solstices, named in honor of the legendary album Equinoxe, consists of unique works by 16 artists. Litha (the summer solstice) and Yule (the winter solstice), which have different but complementary atmospheres, are the two key components of Solstices.

We will start with Yule.

The first song on the album is ‘Solstinox.’ If you’re looking for a song that will take you to another universe, look no further than this piece. This song is absolutely mesmerizing, with its ethereal soundscape and haunting melodies. And that beat drop at 0.49? Insane. It’ll make your head bop for sure. ‘Pluton’ also gives you a haunting vibe. It provides a chilling atmosphere. This is like no other song you have ever heard before, and it will definitely leave an impression on you.

‘Liquid Harmony for Solid Memory’ and ’Queen Oxi’ are the best songs if looking for a truly transporting experience. The synths take center stage here, creating a fascinating and otherworldly soundscape. You won’t be able to forget this one any time soon!

The third song is ‘Aquatica.’ It has the perfect pace while maintaining that ambient soundscape. The underwater beat really makes you feel like being in an underwater cave, full of colorful fish swimming around you, and beautiful coral caves surrounding your eyes.

The fourth song is ‘History.’ If you’re a fan of vintage music, then you’ll love the new song. It has perfect undertones of the 60s and will transport you back in time. The beats are infectious and reminded me of an old Bollywood song.

With its intense synths and suspenseful musical arrangement, ‘Revologie’ will have you feeling like you’re in the middle of a thriller movie. While ‘Hybrid Takeoff,’ also gives you a similar feeling. It is the perfect mix of upbeat and fast-paced, without being too over-the-top.

Now the other part, Litha.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of happiness and refreshment when it rains after a hot sunny day? That’s exactly how you would feel if you listened to the song ‘Rain.’

The song ‘Equality’ had more of an anthem-like vibe than anything else. The musical composition is expertly done, and the soundscape is fantastic.

‘Mediomatrice’ will excite you with its synth-heavy beats. The dance track is driven by a steady beat and synths that rise in volume as the song progresses, which creates exciting and fresh energy packed into one track.

‘Analog Session’ is the longest track on the album at 8 minutes long, yet is equally as captivating as any other track as it uses simple instrumentation to create a high-energy pulsing dance beat that you can’t help but tap your feet to.

‘Equitimegnetic’ is a very happy and summery vibe-giving kind of song. It feels like you are walking in a beautiful butterfly park. It is refreshing and wonderful and you can feel the peace and joy throughout the whole song.

The song ‘Moon Rise’ is a diverse instrumental piece that initially appears to be a relatively calm tune, but quickly becomes more intense. The lack of vocals makes it easy for this song to be altered in many ways by adding new elements or transforming the overall mood of the piece.

‘Etronik’ is a catchy and fun song that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still manages to be complex and creative. ‘Etronik’ takes no time in picking up the pace and has some amazing sound effects that set the mood into a peppy one.

The last track on the album is ‘Future Last – Oxynox Field Mix.’ This song is a culmination of everything we have time to love about music: its power to transport, provoke, and soothe. By far this is my most loved track!

The ‘The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra’ is back with a bang and ready to bring your soul alive.

Enjoy listening to Solstices album here.

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