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Chucky Trading Co-Honey Bee
Chucky Trading Co-Honey Bee
Chucky Trading Co-Honey Bee

Chucky Trading Co-Honey Bee | The sound of nectar

Talk about a pleasant surprise. Something that should belong in our time now, but unfortunately doesn’t in the mainstream. Fortunately for my selfish good, I get to hear some cocooned gems in the indie music world. Chucky Trading Co is a collective I’m truly grateful for. Their single is Honey Bee, an innocent, beautiful song with some great elements.

If you’ve watched Jakob Dylan chase the nostalgia in Echoes in the Canyon on Netflix, you know how important the Laurel Canyon was for folk rock. Some of the most important names from Dylan to The Byrds and Beach Boys came from that movement. And yes, Tom Petty as well. Reviving that same magic with some great chord progressions, CS Taber & Everett Young give you a nostalgia ride but with their own sprinkle of fairy dust.

The lyrics have to be heard to be appreciated. Platonic in a sense, playfully innocent and crafted with the heart, Honey Bee has to be felt to be appreciated. With a Brian Wilson style progression, Chucky Trading Co share the warmth of love and infatuation with this rare song. The melody is arranged with such compassion that it reminded me of my favorite song of The Byrds’, It Won’t Be Wrong. Not similar by symphony, but just how I felt listening to it. It is the mark of some great songwriters and musicians, and I am excited for their album due for release in December.

Till then, loop their single Honey Bee:

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