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Joshua Zero - 0800 Angels
Joshua Zero - 0800 Angels

Joshua Zero – 0800 Angels | Gritty Warmth

Joshua Zero is a London-based band that has mastered the Nü Rock sound. Owing to their relocation from Leeds to London, the band has seen significant results in terms of their reach. The band is making great strides every day with tours, EP releases and even supporting foreign bands and artists. Joshua Zero describes their music as the absurdity of the human condition laid bare for all to see, a frantic dervish of carefully curated instrumentals and souped-up skiffles.

Their latest release, 0800 Angels, is a gritty and yet, warm piece that will give you an overwhelming experience. Joshua Zero is a band that creates music that will touch their listeners whether through the lyrics or through the melodies alone. I find the lyrics are so significant in this modern age with all that we’re dealing with in the world today. The music seems to complement this sentiment so well. I love how dynamic and operatic this piece sounds. It reminds me of bands like Car Seat Headrest and Queen. Unusual bands to put in the same category, but that’s probably the best way to explain the sound.

Honestly, I think I will listen to the entire discography of Joshua Zero. I think their sound is exactly the kind of overwhelming sound that helps Grunge-lovers and Post-Rock fans alike. If you enjoy that mix, then, trust me, this is the band for you.

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