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Bosola - Me On A Good Day
Bosola - Me On A Good Day

Bosola – Me On A Good Day | Rock that soothes

‘Me On A Good Day’ from Bosola is an alternate-Rock track that revels in the glory of its excellent songwriting. The track has a narrative that today’s generation can immediately connect with. And the nostalgic rock elements make their way close to the heart almost right away.

Bosola is a three-member outfit hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne. They’ve made waves in the UK with their music already, striking strong chords with lovers of The Smiths and Bob Mould. The band seems to have the perfect balance of sonic and narrative abilities. Their sound takes you back to the good old days where Rock was inescapably layered into all music, birthing what then became pop. While pop then took a different route, Bosola decided to stick to what made us all fall in love with it in the first place. The production and structure of the song Me On A Good Day has that perfectly calming feeling. And a refreshingly non-distorted electric guitar riff hums through the four-minute ballad.

Furthermore, it is the band’s lyrics that strike with a generation that is confused and lacking faith, yet yearning to believe in something. With all conventional structuralist modes falling apart, art becomes the ointment that soothes the disturbed. And Me On A Good Day does just that. 

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