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Transcending Into The Unknown | Filip Dahl Robert Dahl Stian Dahl
Transcending Into The Unknown | Filip Dahl Robert Dahl Stian Dahl

Norwegian Rock Legends’ New Single ‘Transcending Into The Unknown’ Is Out!

Transcending Into The Unknown is a fluid, melodic rock composition with an inspiring guitar at the forefront. The song is captivating and all-encompassing, like Pink Floyd renewed. The layered instrumental track holds a peaceful simplicity. Electric strings rhythmically rage across the four minutes of this track.

The creatives behind the hypnotizing psych-rock Transcending Into The Unknown are three musicians who share their last names. Further, they’ve united their skills and styles for this contemporary sound, which is inspired by the ’90s progressive rock era.

Filip Dahl is a seasoned Norwegian guitarist who started out in rock bands during the 70s. He is also well known for his skills in sound engineering and production, that he picked up. Later on, he worked alongside his co-founders at the Brygga Studio in Trondheim during the ’80s and ’90s.  His signature style ranges across the rock spectrum, from progressive melodic to symphonic to blues rock. It stands out in a league of its own to listeners and critics alike.

Other collaborators on the project are Robert Dahl, frontman of the pzyroks project, and Stian Dahl, celebrated for his rendition of neoclassical and death metal on the strings. All three musicians play their unique parts on the track Transcending Into The Unknown, to create an other-wordly sonic experience.

Listen to Transcending Into The Unknown’s self-titled track here:

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