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Elle Faris – Off White Reeboks
Elle Faris – Off White Reeboks

Elle Faris – Off White Reeboks | Gotta Get Up

Off White Reeboks from Elle Faris is a soothing lo-fi track that gets you bopping your head. The artist’s soft vocals are the perfect pairing for the beats – soft but energizing. The soft breathiness makes the voice stand apart from the usual lo-fi vocal flairs. The lyrics are moving and meaningful, which gives so much more substance to this indie composition than those around. 

Elle Faris is a recording artist from the midwestern US. She produces her music alongside her father who is a documentary filmmaker and a lo-fi bop enthusiast. Talent must be genetic, because the honest sensibilities that make the artist’s music are, well, very ordinary but with a warm golden glow. This feel very much feels like this music is the background score for this young artist’s life. And there is a voyueristic element to her storytelling that mimics the documentary genre just a little. 

With catchy hooks and a voice that lays over lo-fi like something completely novel, the musician promises to make her way into your playlist. And soon after, in your heart with her new music. 

Elle Faris is an indie pop recording artist from the midwest. She blends soft-spoken vocals with catchy hooks and lyrics that make ordinary life seem interesting.

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