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KingDex - Nauseous
KingDex - Nauseous

KingDex – Nauseous | Focused on the grind

Nauseous is hip hop recording artist KingDex’s freshest track, and its killer beat and the rapper’s fiery verse make it an instantaneous hit. The song also features Jones .45, who adds that big RnB brother vibe to the youthful energy of the song. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, the unofficial capital of American hip-hop, KingDex immediately commands your attention. The musician is not only writing and recording his music, but is also a mixing and mastering phenomenon. This isn’t simply an assumption from my end: Nauseous has the kind of instrumental beat that has you moving and grooving right away. 

Dexter Jarrett goes by the name of KingDex when making music, and it seems this persona is his true identity. His verse on the track is about focusing energy on growth, and achieving the big things that once seemed too distant. His delivery is a unique stand-out style, but his voice reminds me just a bit of Wiz Khalifa. I do think, however, this is because of the carefree energy and his IGDAF attitude. With true sonic talent and a dream that’s unapologetically larger than life, KingDex kills on Nauseous in a way that makes you mad that this isn’t an album. That said, it seems only natural for this young talent to be working hard on tunes. I bet it is only a matter of time before he drops a mixtape that has tripping!

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