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Jesse Grossi-Rock 'n Roll
Jesse Grossi-Rock 'n Roll
Jesse Grossi-Rock 'n Roll

Jesse Grossi-Rock ‘n Roll | A new dynamic

7 billion. Not only is that the population of the Earth, but I honestly believe there are that many songs titled Rock n’ Roll. You know a clever technique? Name a song something that has been overused and hide a gem below it. You should know, you access the internet. Jesse Grossi is here with Rock ‘n Roll. And boy, are we glad there is another rock ‘n roll song.

Rock ‘n roll songs are like Donald Trump gaffes. There’s one every day. But only some are explicitly good. Which makes your underwear tear from the back. Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Joan Jett, to name a few have all proclaimed their love for this genre. Why can’t Jesse Grossi? Apparently he can and did, with a funky, riff filled freak show of a song.

With the bassline bopping and the guitar doing the tango with it, rock n roll differs from your classic songs in many ways. By imagining it in the current context and the past Jesse has had with it, he allows the song to tip the cap to the legends. He also adds great spice to the track with the solid rhythm work. The first few seconds of the song itself had me going whipping my neck. Remember, rock n roll ain’t noise pollution. If anything concretizes that fact, it’s a new whiz kid named Jesse Grossi.

Listen to his beautiful rendition of a song that will stick with you:

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