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Romain Gutsy – If You See Her | Pleasant

Romain Gutsy, a French-born singer-songwriter, has lately released a new song called ‘If You See Her’, which is incredibly well composed. The narrative approach of the writing has a whimsical quality to it, which makes it very intriguing. The writing sets the tone for the song. Romain takes his time with his words to reveal his feelings. There are pauses in between, which help to establish the mood of the song. Furthermore, the vocal delivery contributes to the overall ambiance, which is already pretty effectively achieved in the lyrics. The nuanced and genuine character of the performance will undoubtedly aid in connecting with the listeners. Also, the thoughts expressed in the lyrics elicit powerful feelings, which will undoubtedly captivate the listeners.

The arrangement is maintained to a minimal. The plucking and strumming pattern on the guitar truly emphasises the song’s progression. The setting is kept extremely authentic, and listeners are very comfortable, allowing them to become involved and participate with the piece pleasantly. I particularly enjoyed the trumpet solos, which added a lot to the ambiance. I also enjoyed the banjo plucks, which added a nice touch to the sound space. The E. Piano provides the composition with the desired warmth. Overall, there are several aspects that are very well seated in the structure. Drums and bass softly bind all of the pieces together and add to the overall charm of the experience. I enjoyed the mood, and I’m sure any listener who discovers the music would agree.

We also have more details regarding the song’s creation process. Romain Gutsy generously shared his experience composing and recording the song.

1. I truly liked the mood produced by the writing. Would you mind sharing the origin of the song’s idea, as well as how you approached songwriting in terms of structure?

Actually, there is not really a planning when I write songs. Until now, I’ve never been a very organised songwriter, trying to use tips to create the perfect song, the one with the good length for radio and playlists, making sure there is a “hook” in the song, etc. To the opposite, most of my songs are too long and not well fitting for commercial use. The truth is that I’m a guitarist, and I play guitar every day. And when I play guitar, I have a lot of songs that come to my mind. My first issue is to restrain myself from composing and writing 3 songs a day, which will never go further than having been composed and written. So when I have an idea, I start writing the lyrics. Again, I usually do it without plan. My first and foremost criteria is “does that communicate what I want to communicate?”, “will people receive it well?” If that is the case, then I have a song. At this point I find the best chords, which I may have an idea already before to write the lyrics, and the right melody. Then I sing it and I ask my wife what she thinks. If she likes it, I go further. If she does not like it, well, most of the time I go further anyway. Again, the first criteria is “does that mean something to me to communicate this song to people?”, “do I think it will bring something to them?” If the answer is yes, there are chances that the song is going to live its life. 

On this particular song, “If You See Her”, I think I had the idea that it could be interesting to say something to a person that had vanished from your life a long time ago. How time and distance has affected the relationship, the love that existed once. What’s stays whatever the clock and space say? And I just said it, without further question.

2. What can you tell us about the song’s arrangements? I was blown away by the solo. How did these pieces emerge?

First, I recorded the song just with one guitar and the vocals. For me, a good song must stand a very striped down arrangement, as well as a symphonic one. Then I just added the instruments one after the other, mainly by ear. I will play one instrument on the song numerous times, before to record it. And then, when all instruments are recorded, I strip it down and refine it again, just keeping what helps the communication. Of course, it is very a subjective process. And I’m sure than in 2023, I’ll come with a very different arrangement of the same song, fitting with my 2023 mood, who knows?

3. How did you find recording and working with the musicians on the song? Could you please tell us more about the musicians who contributed to the song?

Well, I’d love to talk to you about the musicians that contributed to it. But the truth is that there was none. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and I played and recorded everything myself. It’s a studio recording, so it’s quite easy to do. Except for the drum. The drum has been recorded by a good friend of mine, Carlos Celada. Carlos and I have worked together already 25 years ago, for many years, in various musical projects. He is an incredible drummer, who has a great musical understanding, and always thinks of the song before to think of his own likes and dislikes. That’s a very important asset. And honestly having a valuable drummer adds to the song, so much more than to use loops and electronic drummers as many of us do today. I am not saying that electronic drums are bad, and I love to play with it for some projects, but when you have a song like this one, with a blend of folk and jazz takes, the drum needs to be a real organic one. The light touch of the brushes is definitely an important part of the arrangement.

4. Is there anything more you’d want to share about the song?

You should listen to it. It might resonate with your own life and I’m sure it can bring you something, a little joy that can arise even when you are in a dark mood, a bit of hope, and a good aesthetic and spiritual food!

5. Who are you now listening to? Tell us about your forthcoming pieces as well. That would be a treat for your fans, I’m sure.

I’m super eclectic in what I listen to. To be honest, the last albums that I listened several times these last days have nothing t do with my style. It was the last album of French rapper Orelsan, and the Concerto of Aranjuez played by Andres Segovia. You see?

In terms of forthcoming projects, “If You See Her” is part of an album that should be released on April 11, When Leonard Met Dolly. It’s a folk-rock-country-blues -jazzy album, very diverse as you can see, full of innovative tracks while staying recorded in an old-school style. I look forward to being able to have you to listen to it. Then I have two other projects ongoing production: one EP in duet with the great Russian opera singer Svetlana Kasyan, and one LP with French songs. Both projects are planned to be mind-blowing.

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