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Jordan Pratt – The Deepest of Blues | Heartfelt Acoustic

The LA-based singer-songwriter Jordan Pratt recently released his much-anticipated EP “The Deepest of Blues.” Known best for his tracks “Anywhere in the World” and “Little More Time”, the artist focuses on acoustic-centric music and has released a constant stream of singles since 2019. His latest EP is a six-track collection that consists of emotive melodies, intricate lyrics and captivating instrumentals. Pratt used to study opera and musical theatre back in the day, and currently has over a 100 written songs. “The Deepest of Blues” EP showcases his unique yet relatable style of writing music beautifully

The Deepest of Blues EP Tracklist

Pratt introduces the six-track EP with a soothing, acoustic guitar-centric song called Please. The track begins with a hummed melody around which the three-minute-long track revolves, along with soft strings. Pratt’s voice is well supported by the mellow instrumentation as he sings a heartfelt tune about a loved one. “And you might just slip away / If I can’t make this alright / I promise with all I am / I will do the best that I can.”

Come steal the silence from your head / And leave a slow burn regret / For things ain’t even happened yet“. On track two, Pratt moves to a more uptempo groove over which he sings a moving melody. Slow Burn Regret features warm-toned instruments and the artist’s favourite acoustic guitar. Overall, a well-composed track with addictive melodies; has a spectacular mix as well so it sounds great on the headphones!

As its title suggests, Meant to Be Apart is a song about realising that it is sometimes okay to let go. With intricate lyricism and delicate vocals, Pratt carries the narrative beautifully. He carries a somewhat sad, yet hopeful feel with his songs on this EP. A lovely mix of instruments both fresh and familiar.

Pratt sings a melancholic tune over an excellently recorded guitar progression in Going Down.Why was I so careless / You’re standing like an heiress / In a broken crown / And it’s like my eyes are losing focus / I’m going down.” There’s no doubt that Pratt is an emotive songwriter. He sure has a way with words and translates his stories through his songs excellently.

What We’ll Do begins with an ethereal-toned guitar riff that creates a captivating atmosphere right from the start. Pratt sings in soothing, airy tone over the mellow, reverb-drenched instrumentation; a brilliant change of pace after the tracks so far. He incorporates a modern electronic-like sound to the acoustic instrumentation of the track in a very creative way here, finding just the right balance.

Stubborn as the winter / Fiercer than the August sun / I know you better than anyone”. The EP ends with the title track The Deepest of Blues. Pratt seems to have come to a conclusion about his learnings after being in love and moving on. As the track progresses, the calming vocals play among lush harmonies and guitar melodies. Pratt ends the track in a slightly quiet space, which emphasises his lyrics really well; a fantastic end to this heartfelt EP.

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