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LokkisKott-Deep Inside
LokkisKott-Deep Inside
LokkisKott-Deep Inside

LokkisKott displays charisma and rage with his debut single, “Deep Inside”

The cinematic world of LokkisKott is worth exploring for the light-years travelled. A fan of many genres and styles, there is a meditative frame to observe within this music he makes. Though we can judge and understand with only one of his singles, his debut makes quite the splash. You can feel the emotions flow in this one, this is Deep Inside

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LokkisKott brings the feel

Imagine a picturesque view of introspection. LokkisKott makes this transition gently, with a diatonic string introduction. As you focus on these sounds, you feel the resonance take you to another space and place. The being of time is standing beside you, and it wants you to delve into something richer. The chords come in with the strumming acoustic, and the prog-dream comes together. LokkisKott has a vocal register that sounds like the famous Geddy Lee from Rush, and hence the song becomes more exciting to unfold. The percussions are withdrawn, they want the vocals and instruments to be heard with its raw approach. Rage is felt and heard in the lyrics in some parts, creating a rich texture of dynamics. This is not something everyone can manage-this is composition with a storyline. If you listen deep inside, this is probably what you will hear, resonate loudly.

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The artist from Goulburn, New South Wales has a lot to show us, and it must be in parts. There are stories that can be developed with this kind of single itself, and the energy it holds. Listen to his single here and follow him for more to come!:

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