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lyia meta - always you
lyia meta - always you

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” Is A Jazz-Pop Fusion of Passion and Melody

Lyia Meta emerges as a luminary, with membership in The Recording Academy and the revered status of Grammy® Voting Member. Apart from being a globally recognized singer-songwriter, she is also a visual artist whose work has been displayed in exhibitions. She unites worlds as a sought-after columnist for Lazie Indie Magazine. She was born in Malaysia and currently resides in its capital. Despite having roots in rock and blues, Lyia bravely forges on into uncharted territory, consistently creating music that resonates across generations and cultures. Her versatility is unmatched, winning global accolades for her artistry—a monument to her infinite passion and boundary-defying creativity.

Lyia Meta has released her latest album, “Always You,” featuring eight songs. The album starts with the title track, “Always You.” It’s a fascinating and passionate song. The keys work their magic, wonderfully complementing Lyia’s emotive and deep vocals. This jazz-infused pop gem is a calming balm for the soul. The synths offer a nostalgic touch, taking you back to the good old era.

The speed picks up a bit in “Never Enough Time.” The musical arrangement of the song is meant to sweep you off your feet. The steady beats and elegant synth work provide a solid basis, while the keys provide a lovely touch of magic. The saxophone, which makes multiple appearances throughout the song, is absolutely brilliant. And, as always, Lyia’s voice is stunning.

“It’s Up To You” reminded me of Adele. What a great musical experience! The song has an excellent and compelling musical arrangement that is almost impossible not to be charmed by. The guitar riffs elevate the tune even further, combining smoothly with the already present jazz elements. What can I say about Lyia’s vocals? Her vocals are pitch-perfect, adding to the charm of the track.

“For You” has a melancholy undertone. Lyia’s vocals are filled with distress and sorrow, and the song’s musical composition perfectly reflects the essence of the track. The chords and the synths all give an air of melancholy, but it’s the flawless vocal delivery that really shines out. The emotions conveyed transcend words, You can feel the mood of the song even if you can’t understand the lyrics. The song by Lyia Meta talks about separation and heartbreak, and the lyrics hit home. The performance is nothing short of cinematic.

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“Savour Me” has a refreshing shift in ambiance, with a charming and lighthearted tone. The track is filled with salsa dance-worthy brightness that will have you swaying. The jazz components combine smoothly with the vibrant beats, creating an atmosphere that is simply refreshing. The riffs introduced midway through the song are a pleasant surprise. It instantly puts you in a good mood. Lyia’s vocal performance impresses, as usual, reaching new heights. I continue to be astonished by her versatility.

“As We Throw Caution To The Wind” by Lyia Meta is yet another beautiful and calming experience. The pop components shine brighter than the jazz undertones in this track. It’s the type of song that makes you want to close your eyes and sway along.

“To Know What It’s Like” takes a different path. While the musical arrangement is similar to the previous track, it takes center stage here. The inclusion of a flute-like melody creates the impression of a bright, fresh sunrise, which is enhanced by the dramatic synths and keys.

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“My Dream Lover” concludes the album. The musical arrangement is comprised of a calm, soothing saxophone, delicate keys, and very subtle drum beats, while Lyia’s vocals clearly create their magic. The blues-infused jazz composition is the appropriate conclusion to an album that has been a journey of emotion and musical diversity.

Enjoy listening to “Always You” by Lyia Meta here.

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