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Dancin' Backwards Album Art
Dancin' Backwards Album Art

Valentino DeMartini – Dancin’ Backwards

Dancin’ Backwards is a hypnotic, funky song that genuinely feels like a bit of a fever dream. Indie altpop artist Valentino DeMartini begins by whisper-singing into your ear about tequila and hotels, a swinging party bursting at the seams with participants and debauchery. It takes on the air of a hallucination that you’re given the briefest glimpse of, a different pleasant era.

The song was a catharsis for the singer-songwriter in dark times, and it served as an escape by very immersively delving into a hotel in San Francisco and partying in there. It truly does feel like a portal because of how alien an experience it embodies, an oscillating groove with even a brief pause in the track that makes it sound like you were dunked underwater for a second. Yet, the song within the frame narrative is just so funky, its hard to describe. It’s got a jazzy orchestra of psychedelic synths to accompany its absolutely delicious baseline, and even sneaks in a fantastic solo at the end before it abruptly disappears into nothingness.

Dancin’ Backwards seems like its anthemic of developing a keen sense of the ridiculous, to manifest something enjoyable and different as a way to deal with the everpresent and increasing stresses of everyday life. I deeply enjoyed Valentino DeMartini’s little piece of musical theatre, and you can check it out here too!

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