Rodney Eldridge – The Weight | Disconnect

The Weight is a track about a spiritual connection with oneself, in which one realises they cannot be what their soul isn’t – like people find out about making jobs or relationships ‘work’ at great personal cost. American singer-songwriter Rodney Eldridge experiences this Weight when he pursues a career and education path that disagrees withContinue reading “Rodney Eldridge – The Weight | Disconnect”

Sven Ross – Blue Birthday | desolation

Blue Birthday is a very evocative song, a rich image of the lowest emotional low but one from which a beautiful pain can be channeled. Dutch singer-songwriter and folk artist Sven Ross uses his gentle voice and delicate acoustic strumming to paint a picture of a lonely birthday in which he must learn to liveContinue reading “Sven Ross – Blue Birthday | desolation”

Leman – Coming Back Home | Cycle

Coming Back Home is a moody and melancholic track from producer Christian Leman Brown in his self titled album, Leman. Leman, which is also his stage name, is an indie singer-songwriter and producer from Boston who has worked on an onslaught of singles bending a multitude of influences, and now sought to work on aContinue reading “Leman – Coming Back Home | Cycle”

VISSIA – With Pleasure | Multitudes

I am personally jealous of people who can immerse themselves in every moment, completely absorbed by their experience. VISSIA is one such artist, who is keenly collecting very human moments to transcribe into the language of music. With an almost childlike wonderment, Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter VISSIA approaches a multitude of feelings across a potluck ofContinue reading “VISSIA – With Pleasure | Multitudes”

Becca James – Perfect Girl | Expectations

Perfect Girl is a new single release from British singer-songwriter Becca James: a sincere song about defying societal expectations to become oneself. She writes, “I wrote Perfect Girl because I was frustrated about the things I felt I had to be and had to change to “make it” in the music industry – much ofContinue reading “Becca James – Perfect Girl | Expectations”

Gabrielle Sey – White Noise | Passage

English singer-songwriter Gabrielle Sey’s latest single, White Noise, fuses some very rich styles: heavily bearing her Ghanian roots in its choir and beats, a contemporary folk sound and a smooth lyrical flow. A phenomenally produced track with a full ensemble of instrumentals and sounds, it only sets the stage for Sey’s captivating voice to lead.Continue reading “Gabrielle Sey – White Noise | Passage”

Ollie Wade – Obvious | Heartstrings

Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Ollie Wade never backed away from taking on more personal and vulnerable themes in his music, and he continues wearing his heart on his sleeve with latest single release, Obvious. A song embodying romance, he sings about the stirrings of love, in which both partners must learn to trust each other. ObviousContinue reading “Ollie Wade – Obvious | Heartstrings”

Cris Cap – Cannot Forgive ft. Tyla Rae

Cannot Forgive is a pop track in name alone, as it is a sponge to influences I barely understand how work together – using a jazzy RnB-fitting beat that allows for both a piano and guitar entrance in an incredible fusion style. It’s evident the artist behind this new alt-pop/neo-soul single is an experienced producer,Continue reading “Cris Cap – Cannot Forgive ft. Tyla Rae”

Danny Guinan – Regards | Warm

Danny Guinan is a singer-songwriter who carries many flavours, from his Irish twang to the salt-of-the-earth folksy acoustic strumming. His new single, Regards, is a similarly pragmatic tribute to the influences that have built him up – his peers, partners, teachers and so on and their schools of thought that have moulded him into theContinue reading “Danny Guinan – Regards | Warm”

Indolore – After the Rain | Greener Pastures

After the Rain is encompassing of a singular feeling: perseverance. French instrumentalist Guillaume, under his nom de plume of Indolore (ironically meaning painless), breaks his silence to bring us a message of hope in our self-inflicted emotional turmoil that comes with increasingly troubled times. About the album, he writes, “When the rain came down, weContinue reading “Indolore – After the Rain | Greener Pastures”