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The Sunset – Change

The Sunset is an Italian indie pop-rock group of a very unique musical genre. They place themselves in the ‘Our sound is not having one’ genre bucket, which makes my job difficult indeed. Their music is very blues rock with elaborate acoustic arpeggios but packs the intensity of garage rock, pop sensibilities and elements of psychedelia. Their first release of 2021 is Change, coming from an angry passion to set the world right.

Change feels like a summer run, a light and pleasant melody with passionate undertones. The song opens with an acoustic setting with tasteful strumming and percussion, before breaking into dreamy synths and whispered vocalisation in the hook, an orchestrally amplified pop hook and finally a break passionately calling for change as a soft piano plays. The frenetic desire for the upheaval of flawed institutions becomes frenetic, overpowering the lyrics until that’s all they’re saying.

Change is the nature of things, and under newfound circumstances the band passionately calls for introspection – the world isn’t what it used to be and we HAVE to reevaluate our terms of existence. The Sunset was happy to live blissfully ignorant in the clouds, but in light of dire current events have had to devolve into unbound fury for the way things are. They list climate and racial tensions as the key inspiration for the track – an anger in pursuit of fairness and justice. It is by intention that the track gets only more frantic and only more collective as the song progresses, hinting at the unanimous anger that we feel towards people who only want to watch the world burn.

The Sunset wants this song to be on everyone’s mind, an ode to issues we choose not to address forced into pop culture. They’ve got a great musical style and unparalleled determination, so they deserve to be checked out.

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