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I'm Sorry Natasha Ghosh
I'm Sorry Natasha Ghosh

Natasha Ghosh – I’m Sorry | Cavalcade

I’m Sorry is the kinda piece I wish I could have landed an interview for, because it’s so interesting to see the journey that Dutch-Indian singer-songwriter Natasha Ghosh has taken with her musical career – from an acoustic ukelele teacher to experimenting with all kinds of synths as she pushes forward in her career as an alt-pop artist. More Love was a techno-pop melody, Paradise was more pleasant lo-fi, and her latest, I’m Sorry, is a moody down-tempo lo-fi track that makes me feel like taking a walk in the moonlight on a windy night. She finds a delicate flow over the soulful beats to scrutinize her actions in a relationship gone sour, where she initially walled herself off without understanding why. Having lost her significant other and the ambitions they had together, she finds herself in a confusing haze where her future seems uncertain. I’m Sorry is a plea for everything to return to the bliss of normalcy that she no longer has. A lovely track with simply incredible production, her warm and comfortable voice soothes what is a frustrating situation to find oneself in. I look forward to see the directions in which Natasha Ghosh takes her art, considering she’s only a year into working on her sound!

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