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The Stuart Patti Project – Lamb of God
The Stuart Patti Project – Lamb of God

The Stuart Patti Project – Lamb of God | Divine Rock

Lamb of God is the debut single by The Stuart Patti Project, which is the Christian rock project of artist Stuart Patti. Stuart Patti is a musician, composer, and guitarist who is getting back to music after a long hiatus. With help from various collaborators he has managed to create what could be described as a dark Christian rock / metal song.

Lamb of God commences with a hypnotic sounding riff and apt drumming to go with it. Vocals that emote the content with authenticity manage to weave an engaging musical narrative. With some mesmerizing production, we get a song that delivers its message and spiritual theme in an impressive musical narrative flow. The impressive lyrics are written by Stuart’s daughter Ruth.

Patti is influenced by a diverse range of artists like Elton John, Yes, Aerosmith, and Iron Maiden. Inspired by the phenomenally creative Christian parody band ApologetiX, Stuart Patti wished to rewrite and reimagine some of his older music from its secular to a religious Christian context. With such a genesis, Patti was able to compose three songs. Out of these, Lamb of God is the first release, and we look forward to more from The Stuart Patti Project!

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