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Leo Nazz- I wanted to be honest
Leo Nazz- I wanted to be honest
Leo Nazz- I wanted to be honest

Leo Nazz- I wanted to be honest | A ballad of maladies

Leo Nazz is a Melbourne based artist, bringing some soul back into music. His songs are relatable verses of prose and promises-soothing and simple. He’s released 2 singles in 2021, and this is his first single for this year. The track is called I wanted to be honest, a Petty styled throwback, with honest lyrics and a zing.

With a jangling guitar foundation, Leo Nazz has his pacifying voice to credit for the lyrics. Not so much for the poetic nature of the lyrics, but the way he delivers them. The blues guitar themed flourishes are peppered throughout the track, with a chorus that everyone can sing. Simple and moving in every level, he lets the chorus guide the track to the next verse with an organic charm. The breakdown is stylish and unique, to a soft rock core.

His previous singles are Hot Sun of Arizona and Moments After Sunrise. Using his Cohen or Cat Stevens like ability to tell us a tale, these are more of fables than songs. Leo really gets the details of the experience right, so the song feels to be based on reality. There is an honesty and songwriting gift that he exploits to form such memorable tracks.

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