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Dré Anthony-Shining
Dré Anthony-Shining
Dré Anthony-Shining

Dré Anthony-Shining | What glitters is gold

Dré Anthony is what we can call a lyrical connoisseur. His tracks are chock-full of quotable moments, he sticks to the groove like he’s a natural. There is an ingrained sense of urgency for the poetry to flow. He’s translated that flow efficiently through the years, with his EP and single in 2021, Shining.

With a fairly simple but groovy background, Dré Anthony lays down some of the freshest, poignant bars. He shines like ice, and he makes sure you know it. Laced with minimal autotune, he navigates through the track with deep realization of where he’s guiding us. It is combatant, quick and understands that time is of the essence. This single is a great litmus to know the kind of potential that he’s carrying.

The barebones background trick and vocals becoming this highlight feature, it’s easy to understand why this single is one of the most streamed tracks for an indie artist. He’s on the rise, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

If you want to see his debut masterpiece, I recommend listening to Dice. Tracks like No Write-Offs & Bands are underrated gems from this hip-pop rising star. He’s discovered on several indie hip-hop playlists, with his connection and roots to the art being a solid tie. We can’t wait for what he might be releasing soon. Hear his best releases till then, starting with Shining here:

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