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Dear Sara
Dear Sara

Dear Sara – I’m Not That Sad | Wistful

Scandinavian synth pop has some of the best artists coming out of the genre today. On “I’m Not That Sad”, Dear Sara throws her name into an ever growing community of electronic and alternative pop artists that are breaking boundaries in the genre today. Her blissful voice, that climbs out under an almost mountainous terrain of booming electronic synths creates a uniquely enthralling experience.

I was drawn to the project instantaneously when I hovered over the track list. The second song on the EP, titled Californication, immediately grabbed my eye. I thought, this can’t be a cover right? How would an electronic synth pop act attempt to take an all time alternative rock classic and reinterpret it? From the first chord, I was simply blown away. With an almost house sounding backing, “Dear Sara’, enters with that iconic opening line “psychic spies from China try to steal your minds elation“. Her voice is definitely the highlight of the album. With grandiose and cinematic electronic synths behind her otherwise subtle and understated voice, the contrast creates for a truly unique listening experience.

“Nobody” is irresistibly catchy. Hear, the chorus sounds straight out of a top 40 hit. With a much more up tempo beat, and lyrics that are simple but impossible to get out of your head, it’s a brilliant piece of pure pop. “It makes me sad that nobody, nobody, loved me that bad.” Nothing too out of the box, but a song this well composed is incredibly hard to perfect like Dear Sara has done.

“Do Better” follows the pop trend set by its processor. Dear Sara is, for all intents and purposes, a pop artist who utilises a combination of more offbeat synth sounds and her own distinctive voice to stand apart. At barely two and a half minutes long, it’s a great pick me up of a track.

The final track is perhaps the most lyrically powerful of the lot. The track sounds like a movie soundtrack piece, with an ever growing percussion backing and lyrics that convey aa moment of openness.

An incredibly talented Swedish artist Dear Sara, is making alternative pop that combines contemporary soundscapes with her indescribably pleasant and unique vocals. Her music is inspired by her own experiences growing up in Sápmi, a placed located in the very north of Sweden. Her album breaks down universal themes however, those of longing, exploration, and sadness that we all feel. Masterfully produced, and wistfully sung, it’s well worth your attention.

If for nothing else, it’s a damn catchy pop record.

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