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SAMAS- Self Titled | Rage

An emerging artist from Sydney’s south, SAMAS is bringing good old fashioned rock and roll back. His self-titled EP brings together a mix of punk, blues and garage rock. At four tracks long, its short, sweet, and infectiously punchy. With sharp lyrics and addictive guitaring, he’s making music that forces you to take notice and shakes you out of your seat.

Self described as an EP “that will make you want to overthrow the government, enjoy life or heavily drink depending on the song. Which matches SAMAS almost too well”, it does indeed live up to those exciting descriptors.

Formed in 2020, SAMAS previously released singles “Nina” (for his grandmother) followed up by  “Mr Policeman” (with the line “Hey Mr Policeman, won’t you go the fuck away, hey Mr Policeman won’t you tell me to my face”),  audacious indeed. The latter gained significant airplay abroad.

Stylistically, SAMAS’ garage, blues and punk sound is an entirely unique smorgasbord of soundscapes that retains the core essence of what makes good rock and roll. These are four well-crafted tracks. “Drink Alcohol”, the single that’s already out right now, is undeniably addictive as a party song. “sing your favourite songs and drink alcohol”, could there be a better tagline for a good party? As Bruce Baker of The Au Review puts it, “It’ll have you looking at the beers in the fridge at 8 am and think, why not. “ Sometimes, the best kind of rock music is the uncomplicated, raw, and unfiltered energy that this song exudes.

‘Let’s go Blues’ definitely pays homage to the definitive rock song – Johnny B Goode. With SAMAS growling, “Let’s Go”, in his best Chuck Berry impression, it’s bound to put a smile on the face of any classic rock enthusiast. Outta Sight Outta Mind is reminiscent of early 2000s garage rock, particularly the British bands like Hard Fi and The Libertines. The closer, ‘Smokin’, is perhaps the most unique of the lot. Here, SAMAS takes the acoustic and places it as the album’s centrepiece, His voice modulations become more apparent and the string work is simply sublime. With four very unique tracks, I can’t wait for his full length project. SAMAS is a brilliant new addition to Australian Rock and roll.

Drugs, booze, and partying may not seem like the most nuanced of subject topics, but in the context of modern rock and roll, you rarely see this kind of unapologetic appeal to vices. It’s a throwback, but one that brings a modern feel nonetheless.

Take a listen to the single ‘Drink Alcohol’ before the full album releases on Friday, 18th June 2021.

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