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charlie02A, Duke Smiht, Jayvoe - Sunrise
charlie02A, Duke Smiht, Jayvoe - Sunrise

Charlie02A – Sunrise | Yellow Feelings

Sunrise by Charlie02A is the artist’s latest single of 2022. Charlie02A is an artist, producer, director, photographer and a digital specialist, born and raised in Memphis. Featuring Jayvoe, the vibrant rapper with a larger than life personality and signature deep tonal styles and Duke Smith, Sunrise is a bright musical portrait showcasing the unique techniques of each artist.

The intro to the song is whimsically curated with the varied textures of the xylophone, husky vocals, synthetic melody echos and bass beat trajectories. The verse is a combination of deep, throaty rapping and pop rap, presented with an insouciant ease and a savvy style that is oddly soothing. Despite the diverse music and style profiles of each artist, the song flows with the undisturbed smoothness of molten lava and silk sheets.

The rhythm of the chorus accompanied by the raspy, honey sweet vocals is easily the highlight of the song. Reminiscent of American Singer-Songwriter, Khalid, the vocals in the chorus is deep and loaded with the warmth and emotion of sunrise. The xylophone melody is supremely refreshing like a heavenly drizzle on a warm morning. Contrasted by the deep rapping, the song is the perfect blend of hip-hop and blues.

The song is dense and dripping with the optimism and buoyancy characterizing sunrises and inspires deep introspection and quivers with good vibrations. Sunrise by Charlie02A makes for a beautiful listening experience.

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