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Nolai – What You Want | Musical Feast

Nolai is a artist who produces instrumentals and has released songs too which have crossed over a million streams altogether. He weaves music that embraces the deepest feelings of the heart making him one of the best musicians out there with a wide sense of musicality and lyricism. Nolai has drawn inspirations from several contemporary artists like The Weekend but has his own style and his songs sound distinct. His discography is a range of emotions spread across singles and an EP. Among his previous works, ‘Without You’ is one of my favorite tracks which is a must listen for every music lover.

“Nolai is rapidly getting the recognition that he deserves and ain’t nothing stopping him from getting to the top.”

Nolai recently released his single, ‘What You Want’ which is a bliss of emotions. The strong music beautifully binds with the deep lyrics complimenting the artist’s distinctive vocal texture. The track is strongly structured which takes this track a step ahead of the others. The drum rolls are distinctively mesmerizing which binds the listener to their seats while making the heart dance around with glee. The lyrics are deep and the execution is elite. Not to mention, the vocal engineer has done a pretty great job on this track.

The track is impactful and packed with emotions and power. The track is melodically sound which caresses my soul leaving me spellbound every single time. This is a must listen for anyone who enjoys new-wave trap.

Listen to ‘What You Want’ By Nolai-

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