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Go down an emotional trail with Sean Kennedy, on “Forever Us”

Sean Kennedy, an American singer-songwriter, is quickly making a name for himself as a skilled musician, producing, writing and engineering his own tracks. Starting with his debut album “Tell Me” in 2019, he has been constantly at work improving and refining his sound, and “Forever Us” is the latest entrée from the kitchen. Please keep reading for my thoughts!

This album deals with the themes of love and loss, the highs and lows of a relationship; and all the things that come in between. The title track is the opener to this album– a mild-mannered “Forever Us” that shows Sean come to life in the vocals department, all while his guitar sings a melody to support. The song takes the course of a soft, harmony-heavy production with some string pads in the back providing support, and do a great job setting the stage for “Memory”, the album’s lead single, an uptempo pop rock song. Moving back down the energy ladder, we are presented with “I Wish You Were Here”, a poignant, wistful-almost number that deals with themes of long-distance relationships.

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As we move through the various other songs in the album, we come across “Love Lives On”, a ballad about believing love continues to thrive after a relationship has ended. Special mentions include “It’s Alright”, a simple piano-centric ballad, and “Wait for You”, in which Sean states he will continue to love his ex.

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All in all, Forever Us”  includes 13 tracks. The album is primarily focused around acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings and live drums, and they all come together to create something rather chuffing, honestly. A young musician, Sean demonstrates remarkable cohesion in the way his songs sound, as well as the technical aspects of the album left me impressed as a listener.

The production on “Forever Us” stays minimalist and simple, making good use of the characteristics of each instrument, like the acoustic guitar, the piano, and some percussion and synth pads that find occasional use through the record. The techniques employed to present these make all the difference, and the result is something that sounds easy on the ear, soothing to the soul, and memorable to the mind. The mixing and mastering work on this album is also excellent, and manages to capture and enhance the vibe of the album even further, making itself obvious on songs like “It’s Alright”, where less is infinitely more.

All in all, “Forever Us” by Sean Kennedy is a beautiful throwback to simpler times, speak of an era of love we all wish we could go back to. The overall product is excellent in concept and execution, and I loved listening to it! Check out the album here:

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