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The Tracys - Welcome To The Land of Nothing
The Tracys - Welcome To The Land of Nothing

“Welcome To The Land of Nothing” : The Tracy’s Resurrection of the 80s Punk Culture

The Tracys is a punk rock band led by Alberta native Dave Klym. Fusing retro punk loops with blues and emo pop, monstrous riffs and infectious hooks, the band’s soundscapes prove to be a versatile expression of punk pop. The vibe is old school and the sonic formations, vintage. The Tracys have just released their latest album, “Welcome To The Land of Nothing”. The eight track collection was teased earlier this year with tracks like “A Soviet Mistake”, “Bully Bully Blockhead”, and “Scorched Earth A Go-Go”. Strung with 80s cultures, with imagery ranging from schoolyards to dance floors and romances, the album is a classic collection of punk-infused old time frames. Listen Now! 

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The album opens with “Candy From A Baby”. While heavy riff spangles power the track, its rough textures are contrasted with stellar shredding world and dreamy harmonies. This diverse atmosphere is reconciled by the swinging baritones, into a seamless play of hard punk and melodic pop. Next up, “Bully Bully Blockhead”. The soundscape is designed to absorb the angst and urgency of the theme. An intense riff circuit plays out in the backdrop of a juvenile rebellion led by the protagonist against the blockhead bully that steals his lunch money. 

“Scorched Earth A Go-Go” flies in with a vibrant energy. Its zealous machination of beats, riffs, and bass lines consumes the listener with movement and relentless boogying. And much like the title, the track will make you dance and prance and hop and boogy like you’re standing on scorched earth. “A Soviet Mistake” softens the album with its soft punk elements and blue vocals. Long riff arrangements and pulsing bass lines allow the dilation of a tragic love story in a punk atmosphere. Falsetto harmonies and passionate guitar lines further enhance the romanticism of the song. 

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“Guns And God” is the fifth song of the sequence. The masculinity of the theme is brought out with hyper riffs and hitting beats. Superimposed with tempo-matched vocals, the track dissents the narratives that define men’s psyche by reinforcing it using punk elements. “Modern Day Society” follows with an equally voracious tempo. The track flies off the handle with a pounding rhythm and an aggressive beat and riff combination. 

The title track takes the penultimate slot. Made up with dark curtains of riffs, drowning beats, chaotic beat lines, and the desolate tone of the vocals, the track encompasses the overarching theme of the album as a whole. “Dance Machine” concludes with flamboyant vocals burnished with the energy of meaty riffs, shimmering shreds, and slapping beats. 

The Tracys comprises Dave Klym on vocals, John Payne on Rhythm guitars, Larry Mancini on bass and Matt Ernst on percussion and drums. 

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to “Welcome To The Land of Nothing” by The Tracys here – 

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