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Gordon Holland-Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake
Gordon Holland-Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake
Gordon Holland-Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake

Gordon Holland writes us stories with his EP, “Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake”

Gordon Holland will show you how it is to write music of travel and life. Someone who sounds like a backpacking musician, he knows how to breathe life into stories. His tales are of learning and an alt-country song you can’t even pretend to imitate. With his latest EP, he reads us an interesting chapter of experience and muses. This is his latest release, Skipping Stones on a Salt Lake. 

His voice and soft melodies sound like a transistor radio playing the songs of musicians on a remote island. Like an incarnation of Nick Drake, the visuals are a fever dream o imaginations and hallucinations. Gordon Holland also makes his lyrics to be deep within the pocket, things you could never write unless you experienced them. Or he is just a damn good writer. Palm Tree Wallpaper is a chord progression that is short and sweet, still draws you to the written part on the high GSM papyrus he writes on. 

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Gordon Holland brings singer-songwriter excellence

Half a Tank (And They’re Counting On Me) can be even a Dylan track in some ways. Gordon’s sound is quite different, a massive leap from what it was during The Naysayer days. This upbeat number will make you tap your feet, while slapping your thigh. The instrumentals are percussive, the bass line is perfectly written to keep the focus on the lyrics. It is a journey just like the one he is taking, full of imagery and detail. The specific dives into the elements of the roads and characters he encounters makes it an enjoyable affair. Midnight at the Karaoke Bar looks at a magical guitar tone with Gordon Holland on vocals. It is a dreamy tone, like hearing Jeff Buckley with his six-string. It is a serenade in a booth as the place winds down. The crisp definitions bring the place vividly in your imagination. 

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Departure Lounge Blues closes out the album. It keeps it open-ended, however. It is like reading a travelogue, and the rest of the pages are missing. If Gordon is morose and extracts that certain emotion, you better bet that you feel it. His writing is so exacting to the moment, I could direct a scene with just these words. An expert anecdotist, he reveres the art of what words can do and mean. As the song wraps up, you will revel in how the minimal setup has given you so much to think and wonder about. 

He has two other singles on Spotify, Melbourne Bitter from 2019, and I’m Looking Forward to Winter, from 2020. You must check out his voice from The Naysayers and how much his style varies with this independent release. Follow him for more incredible music like this:

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