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Bring Me The Horizon BMTH Lead Singer
Bring Me The Horizon BMTH Lead Singer

Watch: Bring Me The Horizon Reigned Supreme at Download 2023 with Epic Pyro-Filled Headline Show

Last year’s return to a full-scale fest was ace, but in 2023 Download is celebrating its 20th anniversary and pulling out all the stops – from two Metallica shows to a Bring Me The Horizon headline debut and a closing set from Donington heroes Slipknot, this weekend is dedicated to all the metalheads as Europe celebrates its most anticipated heavy metal festival.

Bring Me The Horizon ( BMTH ) took the coveted headline slot at Download 2023 by storm, leaving a trail of blood, fire, and resounding success in their wake. The main stage witnessed a powerhouse lineup of the UK’s most thrilling bands, including Nova Twins and Architects, culminating in a jaw-dropping performance by the biggest British rock band of the last decade.

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The rise of Bring Me The Horizon from a scrappy deathcore outfit in Sheffield to becoming influencers of a generation and redefining the metal genre has been nothing short of remarkable. Anticipation for BMTH’s production level had been buzzing throughout the day, but the grandeur of their spectacle surpassed all expectations. Keyboardist Jordan Fish had hinted at a desire to create an immersive storytelling experience during an interview, and the band certainly delivered. Enormous screens displayed captivating animations that weaved together a narrative involving a rebellious A.I. and a chilling cult known as Genxsis, set in motion by drummer Mat Nichols‘ near-Terminator impersonation.

BMTH set was packed with surprises

The setlist primarily drew from Bring Me The Horizon’s recent catalog, not venturing beyond their seminal album “Sempiternal.” While some may view this as a missed opportunity, it serves as a testament to the profound impact the band has had over the past decade. Tracks like “Teardrop,” “MANTRA,” “Parasite Eve,” “Kingslayer,” “Drown,” and “Shadow Moses” were precision-crafted to unleash a cascade of soaring choruses and incite wild mayhem. Oli Sykes, true to his form, unapologetically incited chaos with well-timed commands to jump and colorful descriptions of non-participants as “a special kind of knobhead.”

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The spectacle soared to new heights with the arrival of guest performers Nova Twins for “1×1” and the iconic Amy Lee, who joined BMTH for unforgettable renditions of “Nihilist Blues” and “One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death.” The crowd, their phone lights aglow, swayed in unison during the poignant performance of “Follow You.” The final blows came in the form of fan-favorite anthems “Throne” and “Can You Feel My Heart?,” leaving the Donington audience elated and eager for more.

UK tour ahead of POST HUMAN: NeX GEn release this fall

Amidst the collective celebration, Oli Sykes left an indelible impression as he declared, “I will never forget this moment.” The magnitude of the night’s triumph is evident for both BMTH and their fans, and it signals a promising future for Download in the years to come.

In breaking news, the Sheffield titans have not only confirmed the long-awaited follow-up to “Post Human: Survival Horror,” but they’ve also unveiled an extensive arena tour to support the album. The forthcoming record, titled “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn,” is set to release on September 15 via Sony/RCA. Following its release, BMTH will embark on a massive arena tour in the UK, accompanied by an incredible supporting cast of Bad Omens, Cassyette, and Static Dress.

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