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Ascend The Helix Wake
Ascend The Helix Wake
Ascend The Helix Wake

Ascend The Helix With Their Prog Metal Ferocious Jolt “Wake”

Prepare to be awakened by the sonic brilliance of Ascend The Helix‘s latest single, “Wake,” off their highly anticipated album “Spiral of Reflection” set to release on July 14th. Hailing from San Diego, California, this talented band delivers sweet heavy progressive metal goodness that will leave you craving more.

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“Wake” kicks off with a thick, meaty, and juicy riff that sets the tone for the entire song. The drums, performed by Adam Smiarowski and Matteo Bressan, are nothing short of spectacular, keeping you thirsting for more while reveling in their divine beauty and precision. Lead vocalist Mike Semesky unleashes a ferocious display of power with his growls and screams, punctuated by subtle cleans that add a dynamic touch to the ever-changing riffs. The low-end riffs are a treat to savor, making “Wake” a blessing for fans of the djent madness.

The lyrics of “Wake” delve into themes of doubt, fear, and the exploitation of these emotions for personal gain. Ascend The Helix delivers a powerful message with poetic precision, offering a thought-provoking experience alongside their musical prowess. Mixed and mastered by the talented Daniel Braunstein, “Wake” showcases the band’s attention to detail and commitment to sonic excellence. Marco Toba on bass displays remarkable cohesion, rhythmic mastery, and virtuosity.

With “Wake,” Ascend The Helix not only display their technical proficiency but take you on a mesmerizing progressive metal journey that demands your attention. Get ready to be swept away by the sheer brilliance of Ascend The Helix and their latest sonic offering.

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