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Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1

Julian Tran creates a meditative trance with “Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1”

Imagine meditation through music. Julian Tran designs something like that. You might have heard instrumentals that lead to a calming, relaxed atmosphere. That’s because vocals complicate that element of receding into a spiritual trance. Julian approaches it with more sensitivity, and a mastery of the instruments used. This is his latest double A side, Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1.

The legacy starts with Entry Into Valley. He sets the image for us, a serene, quiet atmosphere that will draw away the real world from you. What you see sketched however, is the picturesque soundscape that Julian Tran designs. The moments come to life, with the ambient synth sounds diluting along with his sensational voice. It doesn’t demand attention, but portrays what is there to see in plain sight. Like the brush using the colours available.

Parallel Sublime recreates the epiphany through instruments, this time. Julian Tran knows when to recede and let the image take control. The piano notes echo with joy, the sustain ringing out all the possibilities of a newer dimension. As the strings melt in with the piano melody, you can feel a weight lift off of you. It is an arrangement that is masterful, something done with a true passion. As layers come in, the emotions get richer and deeper. It is the wormhole into a whole new fantasy.

Julian’s 2021 album Misery is reflection heaven, creating all kinds of melodies that tune away your distractions. He has released another single called Another Day this year, and continues to make astounding music. Listen to his double A side here:

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