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Jesy Nelson New 60's theme Music Video “Bad Things”
Jesy Nelson New 60's theme Music Video “Bad Things”

“It’s About a Lot of Women in My Life” – Jesy Nelson Praised for Being the Spokesperson Against Domestic Abuse in New Music Video “Bad Thing”

Musician and ex-Little Mix member Jesy Nelson boldly addressed the terrible real-life incident that inspired the 60s themed music video for her brand-new track in a recent press release. In advance of the release of her much anticipated new track, “Bad Thing,” the diva, 31, spoke up about witnessing other women in her life go through hardships.

Drawing inspiration from real life incidents of women in her life who had been subjected to violent relationships, Jesy’s unsettling new ballad is based on the domestic abuse she has ‘first-hand’ observed.

With the celebrity portraying the victim in an abusive relationship, she collaborates with the nonprofit Women’s Aid to compassionately exhibit the perils of domestic abuse in the music video. It also includes a heartbreaking warning to people dealing with similar issues and a moving request at the conclusion for those in need to get in touch with the organization.

“I’ve been blown away by the response to the video and the song, I really wanted to reach out to as many people as possible who are experiencing domestic violence.” Jesy Nelson stated. “I feel like it’s not really my place to say who the video is based on, but I can say that it’s about a lot of women in my life who have suffered from abusive relationships.”

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Jesy Nelson stands beside the victims of domestic violence all over the world

The song is about a person in a toxic relationship, and the music video, which is set in the 1960s, shows Jesy Nelson and her fictitious partner, Sid, living in London. Nelson struggles with her own emotions and depicts what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship throughout the entirety of the video’s runtime.

In conclusion, the British singer carefully illustrated the issues that arise from the various facets of domestic violence. Her recent release aims to address the intricacies of abusive relationships and lend a voice to people who have been victims. Additionally, ever since the launch of the video, Jesy’s fans all over the globe have risen in support of the artist’s vision. “The amount of messages I’ve had since the video launched just shows how horribly common this issue is,” said Nelson.

According to the charity organization, Women’s Aid, leaving and recovering from an abusive relationship takes women more than six years on average.

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