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David Baron-The Velvet Inks of Space
David Baron-The Velvet Inks of Space
David Baron-The Velvet Inks of Space

David Baron enables space travel with his EP, “The Velvet Inks of Space”

David Baron is a musician/producer extraordinaire. If you have been following his work, you know this. Apart from working on some of the most famous songs out by popular artists including The Lumineers, Meghan Trainor and Phoebe Bridgers. His own music takes a fuller, rounder look at music that he loves to make. Oceanic orchestral arrangements, live instruments and vocal talent interact in an incredible audio bubble. This is his latest EP, The Velvet Inks of Space.

Lucid dreaming with David Baron

This is what can come about one dreams, with music in their DNA. David Baron creates incredible work spanning 4 songs. With Entanglement, a gorgeous piano run will ensnare you in a trance. Just hearing the run is enough as individual notes, but Baron adds his specialisation-the orchestral string play. The piano recedes, on a play by play with the strings that shuffle like steps. The odd time of the piano allows percussion to be a thump like a heartbeat. It is a cinematic niche, you could imagine a breathtaking view while this moment passes. 

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Jinhi Points to the Moon is the second track. The tone of innocence is chosen, a glorious moment of awe, vulnerability and glamour is felt. Minimal use of notes tends to create a wave of amazement. Ebb and flow is felt between the lead and the stringed wisps connecting it all. Trees of Ice is what comes next, pulsing with an audio that could accompany a visual like this. There is more of an electronic splash on this track, as you can hear analog sound beeps in the background.

Synths are softer and more suppressed, pointing to the feel to be stronger in an instrumental like this. David Baron is a master at condensing the delay, reverb, notes and the scales used. He adjusts it in the favour of the dream he hopes to fabricate in reality. Music is the closest that comes to it. Simple, joyous and memorable melodies like the one David Baron uses for Trees Of Ice are what make melodies something that engrave in your psyche for a lasting effect.

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A fluidic moment in time

Velvet Inks of Space follows a descending melody. The opening is a reminder of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, a beautiful track with a memorable theme. Majestic strides with the grand piano echo that illusion of vast space. It is a sombre closing track to a choice selection of melodies, explorations and musings. David Baron has some great work on Spotify, including his 2020 album Whisperers. His cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill is a wonderful look at the song. You can even listen to his playlist, Songs that I Worked on to hear the kind of music he has made through the years. Listen to his mesmerizing album here:

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