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Mihki - Myself & Everything
Mihki - Myself & Everything

Mikhi – Myself & Everything

Mikhi is what you would call a new-age artist. He is independent, bold, unencumbered, and free-spirited. His art is self-made and solely his. He  uses soul styles like jazz, hip-hop, funk, and rap to manifest his artistic ideals.  Myself & Everything is Mikhi ‘s debut EP, with four tracks, each one sporting a style, spirit and soul of its own. True to his inventive nature, the EP bends genres in refreshing ways. Come experience the ingenious skill and musical intuition of Mikhi. 

I.D.G.A.F opens the album with drawling sass. Forsaking the bloated wisdom and opinion of the world, the artist claims his space in the world. Accentuated by lines of funk styled trumpets, the verse flow has a casual nonchalance to it. The slow tempo has a self-assured charm which further adds to the general theme of the song. 

Doc follows with a glassy levity. A stark contrast to the weighted emphasis of the previous song. The artist decorates the glinting charisma of acoustics with a mellow pop rap flow. Its matte textures amplify the melancholy in the lyrics. The song sports minimalistic weaves, strung together by tangent harmonies, insouciant vocals, and bare acoustics. 

Come Over has the sheen of synthetic melodies. Its sophisticated molds add a beautiful dimension to the rough verse flow. Underscored by funk grooves and expanding basslines, the soundscape is deceptively layered. It has a psychedelic tropic vibe, springing with swirling patterns. 

What It Is concludes the EP with an emphatically laid rhythm. Sticky metallic beats carry the moments of synths through the cruising baritones. The tone aligns with the message of the song – it is what it is. It propagates a high level of chill and recline.

The artist debuted his unique style in 2019 with his single Chicka, tinkering with it with each release. He released four tracks in 2019 and one track in 2021. This EP comes after a brief hiatus, showcasing a marked individualistic style and worldview that we can all resonate with! 

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Myself & Everything by Mikhi here – 

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