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Liv Crash-Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs
Liv Crash-Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs
Liv Crash-Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs

Liv Crash-Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs | That’s funked up

Liv Crash, like a lot of musicians, fell in love with the guitar. Like the rabbit hole all guitarists take, he travelled the six strings. He has inspirations from all the genres, and that’s what his music sounds like as well. Original, groovy and incredibly well curated, his music inspires as much as it gives a kick. Prime example is with his second single, Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs. 

Before you obsess about the odd title, I should tell you some things. This is an oddball in many ways as a song, and the lyrics seem to be that way too. The music is vocally Liv Crash through and through. Creating a funky, Cory Wong like baseboard, he jumps around in glee. His lyrics are sexually suggestive, musically latching to his rhythm. His strong sense of composition, natural or inspired, is an organism in itself. You could hear any of his two songs and still never know where the U-turn or sharp left will come. It is a roller coaster, on which you’re going blindfolded. The different sections of the song create a superb overlay through RHCP, Aerosmith and artists I might not be able to name. Learning through grooving, I call it.

You can listen to more of Liv in ‘Cause Even in this Song. Carefully composing, you can hear influences pop in and out every once in a while. An explorative artist, there is no doubt stupendous tracks are coming from his way soon. Follow him to get notifications, because nobody can predict what his next song is going to sound like. Except him. Listen to his single here. His debut album ‘Cause Even in this Album releases on July 7th, be sure to follow him:

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